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What is Yomi?

Yomi Robotic Dental System is the first and only FDA-cleared robotic device for dental implant surgery.


Yomi provides robotic guidance to augment the clinical expertise of skilled dental teams and deliver repeatable surgical precision.

Enhancing Implant Dentistry

Yomi delivers critical insights on patient anatomy to aid with personalized surgical planning. The system physically guides the dentist’s hand throughout the implant procedure, yet allows the dentist to make intraoperative adaptations in line with their clinical expertise.

The Yomi Robotic System empowers dental teams to precisely achieve their treatment plan, enabling enhanced implant dentistry. 

“Yomi allows you to feel if you are going into the right direction. If you are going in the wrong direction, you will feel resistance. It allows the surgeon to know exactly which direction to go to place the implant.”

– Nima Massoomi, DMD, MEd, MD

“Yomi helps reduce the risks associated with free-hand surgery. It’s a way that we can guarantee that we’re going to go where we want to go.”

– Guillermo Chacon, DDS

Confident Patient Care

Yomi is unique in providing digital physical guidance that allows the dentist to retain direct visualization throughout the dental implant procedure. The dental surgeon remains in control and is in direct contact with the patient and all dental instruments.

Yomi augments the clinical expertise of the dental team, helping them to confidently provide patient-centric care.

Elevated Patient Experience

The Yomi Robotic System promotes highly convenient implant therapy due to truly-digital robotic guidance. 

Using Yomi may allow for fewer visits and even same-day dental implants and less invasive flapless surgery for candidate patients.

Yomi assists the dental team in providing highly efficient treatment, bringing patient care to a new level.

“With Yomi, the doctor and the staff have more time and attention on you and what’s going on with you. I thought it was wonderful that they had found a way to make this procedure so much more efficient and with less trouble for the patient”

– Jane Bozarth, Yomi patient

Interested in experiencing Yomi dynamic guidance for yourself? Our demo systems travel around the US to put the feel of Yomi’s one-of-a-kind “robotic haptics ” in your hands! Request a personal demo >

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Neocis is transforming dental implant surgery with advanced robotics. The company is driven to innovate and committed to bring new approaches to improve patient care and quality of life.

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