Providing a New
Level of Care

Providing a New Level of Care

What is Yomi?

Yomi is the first and only FDA-cleared robotic device for dental implant surgery. The system allows the dental team to plan the surgery virtually in software using a cone-beam CT scan of the patient. Yomi provides intraoperative visual, auditory and physical guidance to help deliver repeatable surgical precision. An open-implant surgical guidance system, Yomi allows for intraoperative adjustments to plan, enabling the surgical dentist to adapt to a wide range of clinical situations. The technology brings together the dental team’s clinical expertise with the benefits of robotic surgery.

Yomi is in clinical use with leading dental surgeons who share the desire to elevate their dental practices and bring a new level of care to dental implant surgery.

Why robotics in dentistry?

Robotic assistance is fast becoming a standard of care across surgical disciplines, used to help treat over 1 million patients every year [1] Robotic surgery has been seen to enhance and augment surgical practice across many specialties, enabling virtual procedure planning, augmented anatomical visualization, guided instrument placement, clinical insights and user ergonomics not available with standard procedures.

Yomi-Enabled Surgery is designed to bring the benefits of robotic assistance to dental implant surgery, promoting thriving dental practices and beautiful smiles.

What does Yomi

bring to my practice?

“In the past, I had to tell patients, you need to wait a week for me to fabricate the surgical guide and come back for us to do the implant. Now with Yomi I can do it the exact same day. Patients come in, the CT scan is taken, the implant treatment planning is done, and then using that data, we’re able to place the implant in that exact position”

– Nima Massoomi, DMD, MEd, MD

“Yomi helps me to perform a less invasive procedure in a more efficient manner. The investment is worth it to me because Yomi is incredibly accurate and helps to make me a better doctor.”

– Eddie Kotary DMD

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“Yomi helps to reduce the risks associated with free-hand surgery”

Dr. Guillermo Chacon