Feel the Difference

Feel the Difference

Robotic Technology

Robotic assistance is prevalent across surgical disciplines, used to help treat over 1,000,000 patients every year(1).

Yomi is now changing implant dentistry as the first robotic guidance system for dental surgery.

Using a simple digital workflow, Yomi delivers real-time multi-sensory guidance to dental implant surgeons.

What is Yomi Haptic Guidance?

Yomi provides physical cues that guide the dental surgeon’s hand to the precise angulation and location for planned osteotomy. Once in position, Yomi securely maintains hand piece trajectory, preventing unintended deviation from plan. Should the patient move, Yomi tracks and follows patient motion. When the drill bit reaches planned depth, Yomi provides the dental surgeon with the solid confidence of a physical “hard stop”.

Distinct audio cues are provided for at each step in the process. The dental surgeon can also obtain visual confirmation and quantitative data through the graphic display on the Yomi monitor.

“Haptic guidance is the ability for a robotic system to physically guide a surgeon so they can perform surgery exactly as they planned.”

Alon Mozes PhD
Neocis Co-founder and CEO

Yomi’s robotic technology allows for real-time patient tracking

Efficient. Minimally-Invasive. Accurate.

The Feeling of Control

Yomi provides guidance throughout surgery, with the dental surgeon retaining control at all times. Without the constraints of cameras or physical guides, Yomi provides assistance to the surgeon in the planning and placement of the implants, with an unprecedented level of instrument precision and control. At the same time, Yomi allows for intraoperative adjustments, allowing the surgeon to retain control of the surgical plan. Yomi combines the surgeon’s clinical expertise with the benefits of robotic surgery.

Precisely Where you Want to Be

Yomi provides dental surgeons with guidance through the use of haptic robotic technology and multisensory feedback to help achieve the right location, angulation and depth to place the implant exactly according to plan.
Moreover, Yomi’s real-time visual guidance and robotic haptic guidance enables a minimally invasive approach, which can lead to faster surgery, faster recovery, and less pain for the patient.

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Yomi Enabled Surgery

“Once you’ve decided exactly where the implant should go, Yomi guides you into the position”

Nima Massoomi, DMD, MEd, MD